Learning is borderless

Our schools today need to teach our children how to become global citizens.

So, how do we open our classrooms to the world?

Beginning at 3, we teach our kids about different cultures from around the globe. Every month, we explore the geography, language, art, music, and culture of a specific country.

Then, from first grade on, we present lessons on global citizenship as part of the curriculum, covering topics such as gender equality, social justice, and environmental issues. We use Skype to connect our classrooms with many others from around the world. Our kids have the chance to engage in meaningful discussions with peers from different places.

But knowledge is not enough. Along with it comes the responsibility to take action. We encourage our students to take part in at least one project of their choice, with varying degrees of local or wider impact: Finding creative recycle solutions, helping those in need, promoting equity and justice, and the like.

Becoming global citizens is never a solitary task. It takes the support of the whole community. Open minds and wide hearts are the building blocks for a better world!

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