Global learning: Concert in 2 Countries

Two teachers
Two classes
Two countries
One concert

In 2015, Melissa Morris, from New York, US, and Elisa Guerra, from Aguascalientes, México…
Had their students perform together over the internet

Two pieces of music, in harmony

A Concert in 2 Countries

After weeks of planning…

And many rehearsals…

The audience is waiting

The students are ready!

With their teachers’ own computers…
And some technical problems…
They produce a little miracle!

Can you hear the time lag?
It was heard in New York but not in Aguascalientes

The New Yorkers were leading, and the younger students from Aguascalientes followed
The Mexican kids played as they heard their friends’ music
But in the US, by the time they got their sound back, they were already ahead

After hours and hours of rehearsals…
And learning to collaborate through the distance…
Our concert was far from perfect
But it was ours

We learned to be disciplined
And to communicate
We learned to cope with frustration when problems arose
We learned to be sensitive to others
So we could make music as if we were standing side by side

And five years later…
We will be coming back!

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